1794 Meetinghouse

The Green Sisters

Saturday, June 11 @ 7:30 pm


‘Endless Blue’ is produced by Tom Manhken (Trailer Park, Young @ Heart Chorus) and not only showcases the sisters’ impeccable harmonies, but the group’s ability to work in a variety of genres including Celtic, old timey, folk and bluegrass.

album review by Sheryl Hunter in the Greenfield Recorder
  • Melody (Mel) Green — vocals, mandolin, guitar, bass
  • Betsy (Bets) Heron — vocals, fiddle, banjo
  • Brianna (Brie) Green — vocals, bass, fiddle, guitar
  • Rebecca (Beck) Mitus — vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass, fiddle

Sprouting from a small farm in rural Massachusetts, the four Green Sisters have had a deep love of music from birth. They’ve been playing venues in New England regularly for the last five years and have garnered quite the following. It’s hard to not to smile when treated with their tight harmonies and high energy tunes; their loving but wry sibling banter makes every show enjoyable.

The four gals get together to play as often as they can. They revel in each other’s company, and jump easily from bluegrass to barbershop to blues to Celtic to originals of all styles. Their first CD, Endless Blue, was released in 2018; their second, Blink of an Eye, came out in late 2020.

Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 12: free
Eclectic Folk, Bluegrass, A Cappella & Original Music