1794 Meetinghouse

Mad Agnes

Friday, September 24 @ 7:30 pm

Setting the standard high, Mad Agnes offers great harmonies, a sense of humor and a theatrical flair.

Marrianne Jackson, Director, Forksville Folk Festival, PA

Three-part harmonies as tight as jeans from the dryer.

Rob Weir, The Advocate
  • Margo Hennebach – piano, keyboards, vocals
  • Adrienne Jones – guitar, bass, vocals
  • Mark Saunders – mandolin, guitar, vocals

Folk, classical or Celtic? Soaring harmonies, incisive lyrics or giggly repartee? For nine years Mad Agnes has been delightfully impossible to pigeonhole. This hasn’t kept the genre-bending trio from winning hearts on two continents and collectively amassing a body of work which comprises twelve CDs, a concert DVD, three tour T-shirts and a cracking set of action figures.

Mad Agnes is Margo Hennebach, Adrienne Jones and Mark Saunders. Each member arrived at the trio from a staggering list of solo accomplishments, including songwriting competitions, recordings, and the ability to sleep on any surface. Multi-instrumentalists all, Hennebach is classically trained in piano, Jones is self-taught on guitar and bass, and Saunders adds color with a vintage mandolin and subtle electronic processing on his guitar. The sound can be full as a concert hall or delicate as three voices singing a cappella.

Hennebach and Jones write most of the songs, which they arrange in a purely fair and Democratic fashion. Choosing from among their bundle of instruments and adding their signature three-part harmonies, the resulting sound is captivating, uplifting and rare.

Mad Agnes are smart musicians, smart enough to leave audiences wanting more. In 2011, after releasing their last studio CD, hush, they stopped touring in order to remember what it was like to have a home, plant a garden, and take care of their animals. In 2019, they got a little itchy, and began to do a few shows in New England, including right here at 1794 Meetinghouse. They have a few more planned in 2021 as well as the release of another live CD. Stay tuned!

Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 12: free
Witty & Wildly Innovative Contemporary Folksong