1794 Meetinghouse

Fire Pond

Thursday, July 25 @ 7:30 pm
  • Eveline MacDougall – fiddle, vocals, accordion
  • Douglas Reid – guitar, banjo, ukulele, vocals

Eveline MacDougal has performed with various groups including Altiplano, No Known Address, The Wholesale Klezmer Band, the Pioneer Valley Symphony, and the Green River String Band. She toured with Thin Ice Theatre and Blue Angel Arts political theatre troupes. She founded the Amandla Chorus in 1988 (www.amandlachorus.org); they changed their name to Fiery Hope in this, their 31st year, and will perform for us on Saturday September 21st, 2019. With Fire Pond, Eveline sings and plays violin, viola, and accordion.

Douglas Reid studied ancient Chinese music at the Central Music Conservatory in Beijing in 1986 to learn to play the 7-string qin, arguably the most authentic indigenous Chinese musical instrument. He has performed with the Black Horse String Band and the Green River String Band. With Fire Pond, Douglas sings and plays guitar, bluegrass and frailing banjo, accordion, and soprano & baritone ukuleles.

MacDougall and Reid performing ‘Ode to Joy’ at Pete Seeger Tribute
Adults: $10 | 13-17: $5 | 0-12: free
Old-Time, Swing, Roots & Celtic
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