1794 Meetinghouse

A Swift River Anthology

Sunday, June 26 @ 4:00 pm


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In a remarkable feat of literary clairvoyance, Dorothy Johnson brings us the voices of the dead from the drowned Swift River Valley, conjuring up their lives and their vanished world-in epitaphs so vivid and so laconically graceful that for a moment each speaker stands before us, startling and true.

Anna Mundow, freelance journalist
  • Matthew Crowner — reader
  • Peter Frost — reader
  • Pam Hardy — reader
  • Sally Howe — reader
  • John Reese — reader
  • Richard Trousdell — reader
  • Dee Waterman — reader

As Dorothy would have wished, this reading is a free event with donations to support the Meetinghouse encouraged. Because our capacity is limited, we recommend registering in advance to reserve your seat inside the hall. The registration form is below. Reservations will be held until 3:50; unclaimed reservations will then be released.

A Swift River Anthology, published in 2011, was written by our beloved neighbor, Dorothy Johnson (1933 – 2022). Based on her research into the towns and former townspeople of Dana, Enfield, Greenwich, and Prescott, all now flooded under the waters of the Quabbin Reservoir, Dorothy crafted stories by imagined residents speaking from their graves in Quabbin Park Cemetery.

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A Swift River Anthology, by Dorothy Johnson, with illustrations by C. V. Smith, will be available for sale at the reading. It can also be purchased from the publisher, Haley’s Antiques and Publishing, 488 South Main Street Athol, MA 01331; (978) 249-9400



free; please register
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