1794 Meetinghouse

Where & When

Hosted by Family & Friends
1794 Meetinghouse, 26 South Main Street, New Salem MA 01355
Saturday, June 11, 2022 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm
followed by afternoon tea for friends and family under tents on The Common
1794 Meetinghouse Covid protocols as noted below must be followed for admission to indoor seating.
Advance Registration is Recommended; scroll down to reg form at the bottom of this page.


The program will include designated speakers from friends and family; improvisational piano by Dorothy’s neighbor Steven Schoenberg; a selection of songs from Dorothy’s plays; images from Dorothy’s life.

Capacity is Limited; Advance Registration is Recommended

Once capacity is reached, overflow will be on the lawn in front of the hall. Because our capacity is limited, we recommend registering in advance to reserve your seat inside the hall. The registration for is below. Reservations will be held until 12:50; unclaimed reservations will then be released.

Covid Protocols for Inside Attendance

  • indoor capacity is limited to 120 people
  • a well-fitting surgical or better mask fully covering mouth and nose must be worn inside the hall (except for speakers and performers while on stage)
  • proof of full vaccination is required for admission into the hall; given current case counts, everyone is requested but not required to do a rapid test day-of-event as well
  • food or beverage may not be consumed inside the hall
  • please self-evaluate — if you do not feel well please stay home (see live-stream below)

Lawn Seating

Additional seating for an overflow crowd plus anyone unable to be masked or show vaccination proof is available outside with audio from the presentation brought out to the lawn. If possible, please bring a portable chair.


AO/TV will live-stream the event at www.aotv13.org/live/.


Some parking will be set aside for people with limited mobility near the hall. For those able to walk a short distance, please park near the athletic fields behind the Fire House or park behind Town Hall. General parking is available along both sides South Main from the Meetinghouse north (toward Rt 202). No parking is allowed on or around The Common. Signs will be posted; volunteers and Town Police officers will be there to help guide you.


Extra porta-potties will be brought in for this event. The Town Library (across the street) with its bathroom will be open until 2pm; the Congregational Church’s bathrooms downstairs will also be available for our use.

For More Information

  • return to this webpage for updates
  • for logistical questions, call Brad Foster (413-335-3489); for question on the program call Sue Arnold (978) 895-9044
  • or email us at info@1794meetinghouse.org

Registration Instructions

You should receive a copy of your registration by email to the address you provided; this email will be sent by “Google Forms”. But check your junk/spam folder; the response can end up there.

All questions with an asterisk are required; the form cannot be submitted without completing them. You may “sign in to Google to save your progress” but it really isn’t necessary for a form this short; doing so is not required.