1794 Meetinghouse

Our website went down yesterday (Tuesday, February 2) during the migration to a new server. Propagation of changes in domain addresses sometimes take a while; through my home broadband link it too about 24 hours while for others I heard it happened much more quickly.

We give thanks to Matt Wright for designing and shepherding us through the migration to the new WordPress site a few years ago. Matt is retiring from freelancing and we’re said to see him go. lydia ievins has taken on the role of webmaster; we’re very happy to have her join us now. Besides doing web design as infoTamers, lydia is also a musician, playing fiddle and nyckelharpa. Some of her recordings can be found at lydia ievins ~ fiddle & nyckelharpa.

Besides switching to this new server (and a new DNS nameserver address) we will soon be moving our domain registration. That could cause another hiccup, but we don’t expect it to be as noticeable.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for additions, improvements or changes to the website.