1794 Meetinghouse

We thank all of you who saw the rebroadcast of either or both of our two concerts (Quabbin Valley Pro Musica 2020 and The Green Sisters 2019) on AOTV on January 31st. I heard from a number of you who joined in; it sounded like we had a great audience. I very much enjoyed the shows! I miss our concerts and you, our performers, audience, and volunteers, and I look forward to the time when we can hold in-person concerts and theater events once again.

Please let me know if you had any particular problems viewing the broadcasts. We’d like to do this again, and hearing from you might help us improve things next time. [Brad Foster: info@1794meetinghouse.org]

We again give many thanks to AOTV for making this possible, both by filming and producing the videos and by adding them to their Live Stream. We appreciate all their work. You can view other archives of Meetinghouse concerts at AOTV’s Video On Demand : 1794 Meetinghouse.

As always, your help is appreciated. We welcome donations to help us cover our programming expenses. Please use this link [Meetinghouse Donations] or send checks to: 1794 Meetinghouse, PO Box 8, New Salem MA 01355.