1794 Meetinghouse

We’ve sold more online tickets for tonight’s concert than for any prior concert on record! That alone isn’t enough to make this a sell-out concert, but with walk-up sales tonight we could reach that point. For online sales, your ticket is reserved. For walk-up sales, I suggest you come early, both to make sure you can get a ticket and to get a good seat. (I think all our seats are acoustically great, but some offer a better view of the band.) We will also have our traditional opening night reception tonight; join us at 6:45! And please introduce yourself to me (and tell me where you are from, and how you heard about 1794 Meetinghouse…)

Here is more news, particularly for people new to 1794 Meetinghouse.

Parking: We are up at the top of the rise, just at the north end of the New Salem Common, two doors past another old church. Many people stop and park early even though there are often closer spaces past us or on the other side of the street. Please do not park on the grass around The Common — please do not pull off the pavement (the trees have been damaged by cars parking on their roots). But please feel free to park fully on the pavement all the way around The Common, and when you do so, park on the side of The Common rather than in front of our neighbors. For handicapped accessible parking, there is some space right next to our building (you will see our sign) as well as space across the street near the library.

Seats: We sit on old wooden church pews with modern cushions. Personally I think they are fine (if high — more on that below), but some regulars like more cushion and bring their own. Feel free to do so. (The limited space outside the pews is reserved for people in chairs.) The pews are a bit high; many people prefer to use our footstools. These are stored behind the last row of pews.

Bathrooms: We have no water at our hall; for bathrooms we offer two choices. Immediately outside our hall we have a porta-pottie (I call it a porta-palace, because it is large and accessible); that will be open at all times. We also have use of a regular bathroom with running water in the building immediately across the street (the Old Academy Building, or OAB), but the terms of use are such that this is only open when monitored. For a big concert like tonights I hope to have it monitored and open as people arrive and again during the break.

Refreshments & Performer Sales & Quilt: We have a self-service refreshments table in the center of the Foyer with bottled water and seltzer and snacks; this is available at all times; you are allowed to bring anything into the hall. To one side of the Foyer is the performer sales table; Christine and co. will have items to sell there tonight. We also will be raffling off the wonderful quilt made by Lynn Dudley that can be seen hanging down from the balcony; someone is usually stationed between the refreshments and performer’s sales tables selling raffle tickets.

I look forward to seeing you tonight.

~ Brad Foster, Executive Director