1794 Meetinghouse

updated 9/6/21 at 4:45pm

We are so excited to open again! Yay! And we’re trying to be both safe and comfortable. To that end:

  • We ask that everyone be fully vaccinated; see more details at 1794meetinghouse.org/vaccinations/.
  • We ask that everyone (except the performers on stage) wear a mask when indoors.
  • We are limiting capacity to 120 people, 60% of our allowed maximum.
  • Our format has changed to one set without break/intermission; please arrive early for sales of performer music, refreshments, and quilt tickets (through 9/24).
  • We will have two porta-potties this year, in order to cut down on lines.
  • We will have two ticket sales table for The Green Sisters:
  • for online and advance sales, go toward the door on the right;
  • for cash or check — purchase at the door, go toward the door on the left.
  • We hope to hold ticket sales, refreshments and performer sales outside,
  • and we ask that you not congregate indoors
  • We have a supply of masks for those who might forget,
  • and plenty of hand sanitizer as well.
  • We will have limited refreshments on Sunday:
  • if it is not raining, they will be outside;
  • If it is raining we’ll have water and seltzer only in the foyer.