1794 Meetinghouse

I recently created a new tagline for the Meetinghouse, a phrase that reflects much of my feelings about the hall:

A Beautiful Historic Hall with Wonderful Acoustics

It is a beautiful hall! And the acoustics are marvelous! It is such a wonderful place for concerts and theatre events, and I’m proud to be part of the organization and staff. Our programming goal is to produce concerts and theatre in our brief summer season, concerts covering a diverse range of genre from classical to folk with jazz, rock, pop and more in between. We like to introduce new performers to the hall and the region, and to bring back old friends. And, particularly now that my third season has started, I love to see the community that forms around this place, the returning and now familiar concert goers and the occasional tail-gate picnic dinner before a concert.

And it is a hall with a long history, both as seen through its life as a meetinghouse and church from 1794 through 1984 and as seen through its modern life as a center for the performing arts. Much love and work went into that transformation. Our goal is to put the hall, to put that love and work of renovation, to the best use we can while also maintaining the building itself. And as mentioned on our home-page, more work is needed now, and more funding needed to pay for that work. Although we have and continue to search for grants, such support has been hard to find in this round of renovation work, and we hope you can help us raise an additional $40,000 for the next round of repairs and renovations.

And the best way there is to support the Meetinghouse is to participate by coming to our concerts and theatre productions. Please come! Bring a friend! We guarantee a good show in a wonderful hall.

Brad Foster, Executive Director