1794 Meetinghouse

Dorothy Johnson was a neighbor, playwright, author, staunch supporter of the Meetinghouse, and a friend. She passed away this winter, and is greatly missed. Friends and family are holding a Celebration for the Life of Dorothy Johnson on Saturday, June 11th at 1pm. Capacity is limited; Covid protocols will be followed; advance registration is highly recommended. Once capacity is reached everyone else will be placed on the lawn under a tent, with audio from the hall piped outside. For more details and for the registration form, please visit A Celebration for the Life of Dorothy Johnson.

Dorothy had started planning a new reading of her book, A Swift River Anthology. Friends who have worked with Dorothy before have kept that project alive. The reading will take place at the Meetinghouse on Sunday, June 26 at 4pm. More details and the registration form for that event can be found at A Swift River Anthology.