1794 Meetinghouse

updated July 18, 2022, 3:45 pm

Due to the decline in covid case counts since mid-May, masks are now optional inside most of the hall.

Summary of Revised Covid Protocols

  • full vaccination, with proof shown at the door, is required
  • boosters are encouraged but not required
  • rapid testing day-of-concert is encouraged but not required
  • everyone is asked to self-evaluate and to stay home if feeling  unwell (with any cold, flu or other new symptoms); testing is inadequate to prove negative status if symptoms are present
  • masks are recommended but optional in most of the hall
  • surgical or better masks are still required in the left-side quarter of the hall
  • capacity is still limited

More Details
Ventilation & Temperature
Our side windows will be kept open and exhaust fan running during concerts. Because our hall is unheated, the indoor temperature can be cooler than normal in a performance space. Please dress accordingly.

Well-fitting surgical or better masks are still required from the aisle to the window on both sides of the hall and now optional in the middle.

Everyone in the hall is required to show proof of being fully vaccinated (2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna: 1 of Johnson & Johnson). Please bring your vaccination proof and driver’s license; no-one will be allowed to enter without showing their proof. A booster is no longer required.

We ask performers and audience alike to cancel if they feel unwell regardless of the results of testing. We encourage but do not require that everyone coming to the concert to do a rapid home antigen test on the day of the concert.

Our current COVID preventative measures include a moderate capacity limit of 60% or 120 people in the hall. Should case counts spike again, we may reduce capacity further.

Ticket / Performer / Refreshment Sales
In order to avoid people congregating in the foyer, for every concert with good enough weather to do so we will move ticket, performer, and refreshment sales outside.

We normally have two sets with a break in between. If case counts get worse, we may change to having a single long set. Some concerts have already chosen to have a single set.

Possible Cancelation due to COVID
We will cancel concerts if State, Town, or other local health authorities advise us to do so. Any cancelations will be noted on our website.

Brad Foster
Executive Director
1794 Meetinghouse, Inc