The 1794 Meetinghouse Asks for Your Support.

Now in our 21th performance season, the 1794 Meetinghouse remains a place of entertainment, culture, and education. Most of our programming is made possible through the generous and deeply appreciated gifts of many donors. These include individuals, corporations, businesses, foundations, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and other local cultural councils from area communities. With continuing fiscal challenges, these financial commitments are essential. There are various ways to donate to 1794 Meetinghouse and the Performing Arts.

Contributions are absolutely critical to fulfilling the Meetinghouse’s mission. As a Massachusetts Historical Landmark, the 1794 Meetinghouse receives no direct federal or state appropriations for the operation and maintenance of the building. And because state and national arts endowments are taking major financial hits year after year, only a small portion of our funding that goes toward the Center’s ambitious performances or educational activities is now derived from state or regional cultural councils and foundations. Event ticket sales and other earned income cannot completely cover the costs of underwriting the Center’s numerous programs. Only private funds can make our programs possible.


You Can Support the 1794 Meetinghouse
in a Variety of Ways:

  1. By attending our performances.
  2. By making a direct (tax deductible) contribution for any amount you wish.
  3. By sponsoring a performance.
  4. By underwriting an event, performance, or project.
  5. By hosting a fundraiser.


What Your Direct Contribution Means

 Your generous donation:

  • Makes it possible for us to produce and present more than 20 stage performances a year.
  • Enables us to fund new works of music, dance, and theater that will continue to exhilarate and enrich the lives of our audiences.
  • Helps us reach across the region to educate future generations and instill a love for the arts.
  • Provides access and other accessibility enhancements for people with disabilities.
  • Allows us to reach more than a thousand young people, families, and educators a year through school and arts center partnerships, workshops for youth, lectures, dance and music, competitions for young actors and musicians, and performances for school groups.
  • Helps us maintain, repair and restore the 1794 Meetinghouse building, which is a Historical Landmark.



Sponsoring or Underwriting Concerts and Projects

This season our goal is to have all concerts sponsored or underwritten by individuals, businesses, groups or organizations. However, each year there is a need for additional concert sponsors and underwriters. Sponsors and underwriters enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Listing in annual subscription brochure
  • Recognition in radio advertising
  • Free advertising in our season's program book
  • Name/logo placement in newspaper and poster advertising
  • Program page recognition
  • Listing in selected printed materials
  • The opportunity to meet the performers
  • Contribution page listing
  • First choice attractions to underwrite for the next season
  • Recognition via signage in the lobby
  • Recognition from the stage
  • Complimentary tickets to the underwritten event

In addition, individuals and businesses can underwrite such projects as concert tickets, ticket envelopes, with their name or logo printed on the item, the printing of our season’s program book. Underwriting our program book's printing and production costs devotes the entire first page to the underwriter.



Fundraising events play an important role in the overall health and well-being of our organization. By hosting a fundraising event for the 1794 Meetinghouse, you can help raise awareness and give your friends, family, and colleagues an opportunity to contribute to, and make a difference in local arts and social activity.

A fundraiser can be as simple as a donation canister, a garage or bake sale, a cocktail party or BBQ at your home, or as complex as an auction, a golf event, an art show or a parlor concert. Other ideas are listed below:

  • Holiday dance, singles, movie, wine event or party
  • Birthday party, baby shower, wedding (in lieu of gifts, ask friends and family to make a donation to 1794 Meetinghouse)
  • Art Auction
  • Progressive or themed dinner
  • Interactive art-making event with live auction
  • Invitation to a fancy house or boat with special guest speaker

It can be dedicated to the memory of a loved one or in honor of someone’s accomplishments. It is an amazing and rewarding thing to be able to turn a simple event or project into a successful fundraising effort. It forges relationships, both working and personal, while helping the community grow and flourish through the arts.



Discover the Benefits of Donating, Sponsorship, and Underwriting.
All donations, sponsorships, and underwriting are fully tax deductible.

Find out more about our various Giving, Underwriting and Fundraising Opportunities:

Contact Us:

In Writing: 1794 Meetinghouse, P.O. Box 8, New Salem, MA 01355

By Email:

By Phone: 413-335-3489

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1794 Meetinghouse receives a portion of our funding through a grant from

The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) is a state agency that promotes excellence, access, education and diversity in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences to improve the quality of life for all Massachusetts residents and contribute to the economic vitality of our communities.



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