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1794 Meetinghouse Presents
Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez
Sunday, June 19, 2018 at 4 PM
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Ticket prices: Adults: $20 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
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1794 Meetinghouse Presents
Quabbin Valley Pro Musica
Geoffrey Hudson, Music Director

QVPM Summer Concert
Sunday, June 19, 2018 at 4 PM
Ticket prices: Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
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~ Brad Foster, Executive Director


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410 Daniel Shays Hwy, New Salem, MA 01355
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In 1987 a small group of dedicated individuals with a passion for the performing arts had a dream to preserve a historic building and to create a cultural center in north central Massachusetts. That vision was the inception of the 1794 Meetinghouse Performing Arts Center.



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The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) is a state agency that promotes excellence, access, education and diversity in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences to improve the quality of life for all Massachusetts residents and contribute to the economic vitality of our communities.


June 10 — July 6, 2017

June 10, 2017 - Saturday, 7:30pm

Patty Larkin

Folk-Urban Pop
Adults: $20 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
Opening Night Reception at 6:45pm
Patty Larkin redefines the boundaries of folk-urban pop music with her inventive guitar wizardry and uncompromising vocals and lyrics.

Patty Larkin — vocals, guitar

Acoustic Guitar hails her "soundscape experiments" while Rolling Stone praises her "evocative and sonic shading." She has been described as "riveting" (Chicago Tribune), "hypnotic" (Entertainment Weekly) and a "drop-dead brilliant" performer (Performing Songwriter).

Patty Larkin's most recent release, Still Green, her 13th recording, is co-produced with Mike Denneen (Aimee Mann, Howie Day). Still Green plays out in Technicolor sound images, a kaleidoscope of sun and sea traveling from the fluorescent-lit hallways of grief to the warm pull of love, family and nature. Much of it written in a primitive dune shack on the Outer Banks of Cape Cod's National Seashore, Still Green is a fresh approach to sound and life from a legendary songwriter who continues to amaze.

Patty's previous release, 25, celebrated a quarter century of music making with a 25-song, career retrospective reworked with voice and guitar and 25 friends. Among them, Grammy winners (Rosanne Cash, Suzanne Vega, Shawn Colvin, Janis Ian), and a veritable who's-who of singer songwriters (Bruce Cockburn, Martin Sexton, Dar Williams, Greg Brown, Mary Chapin Carpenter), and others.

Patty Larkin grew up in a musical and artistic family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Descended from a long line of Irish American singers and taletellers, her mother was a painter, her sisters both musicians. She learned at a young age to appreciate the beauty of the arts. She began classical piano studies at age 7, and became swept up in the sounds of pop and folk in the 60s, teaching herself the guitar and experimenting with songwriting in high school. An English major, Larkin sang throughout her high school and college career, starting out in coffeehouses in Oregon and San Francisco. Upon graduation from the University of Oregon, she moved to Boston and devoted herself to music, busking on the streets of Cambridge and studying jazz guitar at Berklee College of Music and with Boston area jazz guitarists.

Patty is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Music from Berklee College of Music, where she is now an Artist in Residence. Patty has earned an eleven Boston Music Awards and has been honored by Boston's Mayor Thomas Menino with "Patty Larkin Appreciation Day" in recognition of her philanthropic Contributions to non-profit organizations.

Photo by Jana Leon

Patty Larkin website
Patty Larkin on SRO Artists website
Patty Larkin on YouTube

June 11, 2017 - Sunday, 4:00pm

Quabbin Valley Pro Musica

Classical Choral Music — Hope & Glory: from Bach to Beckwith
with Charles Heffernan, Music Conductor
Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
QVPM will sing works by Beethoven, Bach, Thompson, Elgar & Parry, new pieces composed by chorus members Senier, Chase & Pollitt, plus text by Beckwith.

Dr. Charles Heffernan — Music Conductor
Quabbin Valley Pro Musica — chorus
Mary Cafagna — violoncello
Judy Johnson — piano
Naomi Lesley — violin
Dennis Townsend — viola
Janet VanBlerkom —violin

The concert will feature new music by composers Carolyn Brown Senier and Richard Chase of Orange and Allison Pollitt of Athol. Also on the docket are the first half closer, a spoken piece with oral sound effects, and the second half accompanied entirely by a string quartet.

Opening with a Beethoven chorus, "Hallelujah," from The Mount of Olives, the program will segue to resident composers Brown Senier, Pollitt, and Chase, with their "Take Joy Home," "Psalm 19," and "This is not a Broken Heart (Let Love Rule the World!)," respectively. Chase will serve as tenor soloist and pianist for his piece. John Beckwith's "GAS!" will close the first half with a rousing, spoken riff on street signs and traffic signals dating to the early 1970s. Judy Johnson will accompany most of the first half on piano.

After intermission, a string quartet including Janet VanBlerkom, Naomi Lesley, Dennis Townsend, and Mary Carfagna plus Judy Johnson will take the stage to accompany the chorus in Bach’s "All Breathing Life," two choruses from Randall Thompson's "The Testament of Freedom," Sir Edward Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance," and Sir Charles Hubert Parry's "Jerusalem."

The Meetinghouse's resident chorus, Quabbin Valley Pro Musica, is known for its varied music and high-quality concerts. Dr. Heffernan, Music Conductor, is professor emeritus of music at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His conducting and teaching careers have taken him from coast to coast in the US and Canada as he has groomed choruses, music educators, and solo performers.

This concert's program includes:
Hallelujah — Beethoven
Take Joy Home — Carolyn Brown Senier
Let Love Rule the World — Richard Adam Chase
Psalm 19 — Allison Pollitt
Gas (spoken with vocal sound effects) — John Beckwith

Hallelujah — Bach
passages from The Testament of Freedom — Randall Thompson (words by Thomas Jefferson)
Land of Hope and Glory — Elgar
Jerusalem — Parry

Chorus Members Include:
Dr. Charles Heffernan, Music Conductor
Judy Johnson, Accompanist

Candace Anderson
Chuck Berube
Judy Bisinger
Carolyn Brown Senier
Jo-Anne Chapin
Richard Chase
Deborah D’Amico
Charlene Deam
John DeWitt
Candi Fetzer
Hugh Field
Lisa Finestone
Marcia Gagliardi
Bill Gillen
Connie Gillen
Rachel Gonzles
Harry Haldt
Janet Haley
Wendy Howes
Ken Johnson
Becky Krause-Hardie
Norman MacLeod
Paul Maier
Susan Marshall
John Nelson
Bill Oldach
Linda Overing
Betsy Pelz
Allison Pollitt
Thomas Pollitt
Joyce Sawyer
Paul Shallers
Phyllis Stone
Cathy Tyng


June 16, 2017 - Friday, 7:30pm

The Water Project Reunion & TheatreTruck Fundraiser

Bluegrass, Folk-Pop, Folk Ballads
Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
BYO picnic with TheatreTruck artists at 6:00pm
Mama's Marmalade, Carrie Ferguson, and Emma June perform in a reunion show in support of TheatreTruck.

Mamma's Marmalade
Emma June
Carrie Ferguson

Last fall, TheatreTruck's original production, The Water Project, drew over 300 audience members to New Salem for an immersive theater experience set to live music. This summer, the musicians of The Water Project come together for an evening of fabulous live performance in support of TheatreTruck.

Join us for a BYO picnic with the artists of TheatreTruck on the beautiful New Salem Town Common at 6:00pm.

The concert at the 1794 Meetinghouse includes performances by Mamma's Marmalade, Western-Mass new-grass with old-time class, the devilishly infectious folk-pop of Northampton singer-songwriter Carrie Ferguson, and folk ballads howled without apology from Emma June.

Proceeds from the evening benefit TheatreTruck and the upcoming production of The Mill Project (Leeds, June 22-25, 2017). TheatreTruck's past collaborations include The Emily Dickinson Project (at the Dickinson Homestead, Amherst, 2015), The Water Project (at the Swift River Historical Society, New Salem, Fall 2016). TheatreTruck is a roving collaborative crafting mobile and site-specific performance sustainably and playfully.

Bring friends and family for an evening of fantastic music and support the Valley's newest professional theatre company!

Mamma's Marmalade on Band Camp
Emma June on Band Camp
Carrie Ferguson website
TheatreTruck website

June 17, 2017 - Saturday, 7:30pm


Afrobeat Blend of Jazz & Funk
Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
Shokazoba's inspiring and socially conscious lyrics shine over a jazz-funk mix rooted in rhythmic, danceable heavy Afrobeat sounds.

Jasmine — lead vocals
Tobey — percussion, MC
Riley — drums
Matt — bass
Jerrod — guitar
Fred — trumpet
Jeremy — trombone
Zack — tenor sax
Jason — keys, percussion, vocals

Expect to be immersed in top quality, high energy world music designed to move your feet, energize your mind, and stimulate your soul when this 9-piece band from Northampton hits our stage.

"We can be found playing in theaters, underground clubs, on festival stages, at weddings, house parties, and wherever the cosmic tides take us. We aim to inspire greater human awareness by creating original, conscious, dance music with topically relevant lyrics. Since 2005, many talented musicians have influenced our sound and style and we thank them all for their unique contributions. Shokazoba heartily thanks the New Africa House at UMASS Amherst for so graciously providing space for us to continue our work. We also offer our deepest love and gratitude to Fela Anikulapo Kuti for inventing Afrobeat and inspiring Shokazoba's existence."

Shokazoba began in 2005 as a 17 piece Fela Kuti tribute project. They now produce original work, aiming to inspire greater human awareness through conscious, funky, dance music with progressive, topical lyrics.

Shokazoba won the Valley Advocate's award for "Best World Music" in 2007, 2010, 2011, and 2012, their "Best Funk" award in 2008, "Best Jazz" in the My411 Source poll in 2009, and was a "Live act of the year" nominee for the 2016 New England Music Awards.

"This 10-piece band from Northampton play a jazz funk mix that is rooted in the rhythmic heavy Afrobeat sounds of late Nigerian musician, Fela Kuti. It's music that is made for dancing, but Shokazoba — who are influenced by the social activism of Kuti — hope to inspire its audience with their socially conscious and politically charged lyrics." (Greenfield Recorder — By Sheryl Hunter — Wednesday, February 15, 2017)

Graphic image from handmade album art by Yondemod

Shokazoba website
Shokazoba on Bandcamp
Shokazoba on Facebook

June 22, 2017 - Thursday, 7:30pm

The Gypsy Wranglers

Unique Acoustic Swing
Adults: $10 | 13-17: $5 | 0-12: free
The Gypsy Wranglers play music drawn from many different traditions including early "trad" jazz, Gypsy swing, French cabaret songs, country, blues, and folk.

Lynn Lovell / Jimmy Burgoff — bass
Terry "T Bone" Nagel — trombone, mandolin, vocals
Terry Reed — banjo, guitar, blues harmonica, vocals
Rico Spence — drums
Doug Tanner — fiddle, chromatic harmonica, vocals

Based in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, their lively sound features everything from fiddle, guitar, banjo and mandolin to harmonica, trombone, bass and drums. Band members Doug Tanner and Terry Reed have a local connection, too, hailing from Orange "Friendly Town" MA.

Besides many vocal numbers, their instrumentation includes fiddle, chromatic and blues harmonica, guitar, 4-string banjo, trombone, electric mandolin, bass and drums. They have appeared multiple times at Northampton's Iron Horse Music Hall, many festivals, fairs and cruises — primarily in New England — but also in Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia. In addition to producing four CD's, all of which have sold out of their original pressings, in the early part of the century the Wranglers were voted "Favorite Swing Band" by the readers of the Valley Advocate newspaper for 6 years in a row & until the Advocate asked them to retire from the competition! A local musical treasure, they've been playing brunch at the Black Sheep Deli in Amherst nearly every Sunday morning for almost 20 years!

The Gypsy Wranglers website
The Gypsy Wranglers on Facebook
The Gypsy Wranglers — Moving Day, on YouTube
The Gypsy Wranglers — Lulu's Back In Town, on YouTube

June 24, 2017 - Saturday, 7:30pm

David Mallett

Singer/Songwriter, Country & Folk
Adults: $20 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
Mallett's songs have been recorded by more than 150 artists, including Pete Seeger, Alison Krauss, John Denver, Emmylou Harris, even the Muppets, and his "Garden Song" has become an American folk classic.

David Mallett — guitar, vocals
Mike Burd — bass

David Mallett hails from a small town in northern Maine, and in a career that spans four decades, his music has traveled to all corners of the world. Mallett has performed throughout America and Europe. The Bangor Daily News recognized him as one of the 58 most memorable Mainers of the 20th Century and his latest release, Celebration, released in 2016, cements his reputation as a true American troubadour. The readers of FOLKWAX voted him 2003 Artist of the Year and "Artist in Me" 2003 Album of the Year. He has recorded 14 albums, including "The Fable True" (2007), based on Thoreau's last expedition in 1857, a spoken word CD with accompanying music.

"Few people could be called the living embodiment of the state where they live. But what Garrison Keillor is to Minnesota, Mallett is to Maine." — Orlando Sentinel

"David Mallett is the best folk singer alive in America today." — Cape Cod Times

"Mallett is a first-rate folk singer and writer. His portraits and townscapes are camera sharp, and his knowledge of his subjects is profound." — Billboard

"David Mallett is that rare artist who loves both nature and people. With enormous clarity and humor he gives a voice to the life of contemporary Maine — as it is really lived." — Kate Barnes, Maine's Poet Laureate

"Dave Mallett has the warmth of a flannel shirt, the comfort of a quilt, and the heart of a poet." — Music Row

Photo by Toan Trinh

David Mallett website
David Mallett — Girl From the North Country on YouTube
David Mallett — Garden Song, recorded 1993, on YouTube
David Mallett — Ten Me in a Black Hat on YouTube

June 29, 2017 - Thursday, 7:30pm

The Wildcat O’Halloran Band

Not Your Father's Blues
Adults: $10 | 13-17: $5 | 0-12: free
Living Blues wrote: "Wildcat emerges as one of the most entertaining songwriters on the current blues scene...and his band doesn't have 'dull' in their vocabulary!"

Chris Ball — bass
Jopey Fitzpatrick — drums
Devin Griffiths — guitar, vocals
Bill Halloran — guitar & vocals
+ more

The Wildcat O'Halloran Band has been thrilling audiences in Western Massachusetts for more than twenty years, and is currently promoting its 12th album That Boy Don't Play No Blues. The New York City-born Wildcat has been called "the Pioneer Valley's answer to Stevie Ray Vaughn" by local media for years, but now he's more famous for his songwriting.

The band has opened for just about every major blues artist to visit Massachusetts, from Greg Allman to John Lee Hooker to The Stray Cats, and has been backup band for Bo Diddley and James Cotton. Recently, they opened for Coco Montoya and later Duke Robillard at Northampton's Iron Horse Music Hall.

The Wildcat O’Halloran Band website
The Wildcat O’Halloran Band YouTube

July 1, 2017 - Saturday, 7:30pm

The Twangtown Paramours

Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
Nashville based husband & wife acoustic duo Mike Lewis & Mary Beth Zamer are known for well-crafted and award-winning songs, top-notch lead singing, and fine harmonies.

Mike Lewis — guitar & vocals
Mary Beth Zamer — vocals

The music of The Twangtown Paramours has been called "Sophisticated Americana", and is a hybrid of the Nashville and Austin music scenes. They have performed at nationally recognized venues such as Uncle Calvin's in Dallas, Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, and the Bluebird Café in Nashville. They have opened for Joe Ely, Claire Lynch, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Carrie Newcomer, and Kim & Reggie Harris, amongst others.

The Twangtown Paramours were chosen three times (2011, 2013, and 2016) to be finalists in the prestigious Kerrville New Folk contest and were winners of the Michael Terry People's Choice Award in the Wildflower Music Festival Songwriter Contest in 2012. In February, 2011, the Twangers were named Artists on the Verge for 2011 by the Bluegrass Special Magazine.

The Twangtown Paramours are currently working on their third album. Their last record was released to radio in 2012 and reached #2 on the Folk DJ Chart. John Platt of WFUV in New York City listed the album in his top 10 for the year; Lilli Kuzma of WDCB in Chicago listed the album in her top 5 for the year; and Deep Roots Magazine listed the album at #7 for the year. All the recorded music of the Twangtown Paramours can be heard on over 100 Folk, Americana, and independent country station world-wide.

Before moving to Nashville, MaryBeth was a fixture of the local music scene in the Washington, D.C. area, where she fronted a popular bar band and sang background vocals for the band Method Actor, featuring Eva Cassidy. After relocating to Nashville, MaryBeth continued her career working as a demo singer and background vocalist for several new country artists.

Mike T. Lewis has played guitar for a million and a half years, and bass for about half that long. He sometimes tours with Jimmie Dale Gilmore, playing upright bass. In 1997, Mike had a #1 pop hit in South Korea on Yangpa's first album called "A Heartbeat Away". It sold over 800,000 units. In April, 2014, Mike signed an administrative publishing deal with Universal for all their Asian territories. More of his songs are presently being recorded by Korean artists for release later this year. He has also had songs recorded by independent artists in the U.K., Japan, and the U.S.

The Twangtown Paramours website
The Twangtown Paramours on YouTube

July 6, 2017 - Thursday, 7:30pm

Fire Pond

Old-Time, Swing, Roots & Celtic - Eclectic, Originals
Adults: $10 | 13-17: $5 | 0-12: free
Fire Pond features Eveline MacDougall and Douglas Reid presenting old-time fiddle tunes, swing, roots music, Celtic, Eastern European, folk, gospel, and originals.

Eveline MacDougall — fiddle, vocals & accordion
Douglas Reid — guitar, banjo, ukulele & vocals

Eveline MacDougall has performed with various groups including Altiplano, No Known Address,The Wholesale Klezmer Band, the Pioneer Valley Symphony, and the Green River String Band. She toured with Thin Ice Theatre and Blue Angel Arts political theatre troupes. She founded the Amandla Chorus in 1988. With Fire Pond, Eveline sings and plays violin, viola, and accordion.

Douglas Reid studied ancient Chinese music at the Central Music Conservatory in Beijing in 1986 to learn to play the 7-string qin, arguably the most authentic indigenous Chinese musical instrument. He has performed with the Black Horse String Band and the Green River String Band. With Fire Pond, Douglas sings and plays guitar, bluegrass and frailing banjo, accordion, and soprano & baritone ukuleles.

Fire Pond website

July 8 — August 12, 2017

July 8, 2017 - Saturday, 7:30pm

The O-Tones

Swing, Jazz, Standards, R&B, Motown
Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
From Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra Jazz and Swing, to Soul and Motown by Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin, the pews will be rockin' and the dance floor will be sizzling.

The O-Tones Trio Plus Kerry Blount

Kerry Blount — tenor sax
Rob Fletcher — vocals & lead guitar, harmonica
Ann Percival — vocals & rhythm guitar
Mary Witt — vocals & bass

Mary WittThe trio of singers Ann Percival (guitar), Mary Witt (bass), and Rob Fletcher (guitar and harmonica) will blend in beautiful harmonies. Kerry Blount on soulful tenor sax will be joining the singers with his wonderful solos. Kerry has been a member of The O-Tones since the early 1990s and adds his delicious stylings on every song.


Ann PercivalThe O-Tones play a fun mix of Swing, Blues, Motown, Latin, and more. Put on your dancing shoes or come grab a seat and get carried away to bygone days with beautiful melodies and swingin' grooves.




Rob Fletcher"Great music like The O-Tones' repertoire is timeless. The trio of vocalists have their own style, blending their voices in original ways to fit each song. Each singer is versatile at leads as well as great at harmonizing. …cool organ and piano excursions as well as soulful sax stylings over a solid rhythm foundation." — Paul Burton, Music Revue


Kerry Blount"The O-Tones use complicated harmonies, tight ensemble playing and a smart, sexy approach to classic tunes to make music that is a celebration of our heritage." — Christopher Boucher, Daily Hampshire Gazette


The O-Tones website
The O-Tones on YouTube

July 9, 2017 - Sunday, 4:00pm

Duo Déjà vu

Classical Cello & Piano
Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
Duo Déjà vu will present Voix de Paris, music that would have been heard in the salons of Paris in the 19th century, including the cello sonata by Chopin.

Rebecca Hartka — cello
Barbara Lysakowski — piano

Rebecca Hartka and Barbara Lysakowski have performed together since 2011 in a variety of venues including the French Cultural Center and Seully Hall at the Boston Conservatory. The Boston Musical Intelligencer praised them for their "impressive, lyrical talents' saying that their performance "provided a kind of magic." Their 2017 appearances will include performing at the Fredericks Historical Piano Concert Series and Bass Hall Concerts at the Monadnock Center.

Cellist Rebecca Hartka has concertized for over a decade in venues throughout the United States as well as making international appearances in Italy, Vietnam, and Thailand. Hartka's playing was described by the Hanoi Times as "... magical and eloquent." Committed to building bridges through performance and transcending classical music stereotypes, Hartka has performed in nontraditional venues such as Club Passim in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Hampshire County Jail, numerous coffee houses and private homes, and such prestigious venues as the American Embassy in Hanoi.

According to the Boston Musical Intelligencer her 2014 release Light & Shadow: Sonatas of Rachmaninov and Poulenc with pianist Alys Terrien-Queen "take this rich Russian music to new heights", stating that their performance "ranks comfortably alongside several impressive readings by other major cellists." In 2013-14 Hartka was artist faculty in Arcidosso, Italy for the Interharmony International Music Festival. She has appeared recently as a solo recitalist in the Frederick Historical Piano Collection Concert Series, Boston French Cultural Center, Wistaria Chamber Music Society Concerts at 7, Classics in the Woods, North Quabbin Center for the Arts Series, Community Connections Concert Series, and Columbia Universities' St Lukes Concert Series.

Hartka's debut CD Folkfire with pianist Azusa Komiyama, released in October 2010, received critical acclaim as well as National Public Radio play, including a feature on Paul Elisha's Performance Place. As a Deans Scholar Hartka earned both a Doctor of Musical Arts and a Master of Music Degree at Boston University College of Fine Arts, and her Bachelor of Arts in Music from Oberlin College and Conservatory. She has studied with Andor Toth, Michael Reynolds, Rhonda Rider, and Leslie Parnas.

Born in Poland, Barbara Lysakowski is an active solo and chamber music pianist in her native country and in the Boston area. Her musical interests stretch from Baroque to 20th century music. Her repertoire among others includes Chopin's, Grieg's, and Debussy's Sonatas for Cello and Piano, Poulenc's Sonata for Flute and Piano and Beethoven's Appassionata Sonata. She is a current member of Reve d'Amour ensemble whose debut on November 2014 at the French Cultural Center was described in the Boston Musical Intelligencer as "strong". In Poland under the City Concert Series, Barbara has performed with cellist, Anna Sawicka, a concert master of the Baltic State Opera Orchestra.

Barbara started her collegiate studies at the Academy of Music in Gdansk. Under the supervision of the renowned pianist and chancellor, Waldemar Wojtal, she obtained Master of Arts in Piano Performance with Academic Honors. She was an instructor of chamber music at that institution for 3 years. After moving to the US, she enrolled at the New England Conservatory graduate program where she studied with Randall Hodgkinson and earned a Master of Music in Piano Performance with Academic Honors. Since then she taught at the South Shore Conservatory and Franklin School for the Performing Arts. Currently, she is a member of the piano faculty and a staff accompanist at All Newton Music School.

Rebecca HartkaRebecca Hartka & Barbara Lysakowski

Rebecca Hartka website
Duo Déjà vu on Vimeo — Edvard Grieg - Sonata for cello and piano in A minor Op. 36: Allegro Agitato
Duo Déjà vu on Vimeo — Claude Debussy: Sonata for cello and piano in D minor: Prologue: Lent, sostenuto e molto risoluto

July 15, 2017 - Saturday, 7:30pm

The Mad, Mad World of Adam Bergeron

from Classical Piano to Rock & Everything In Between!
Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
This concert is on New Salem Old Home Day
Bergeron presents a blend of classical, jazz, electronica, hip-hop, reggae, rock & metal in a unique style of musical fusion.

Adam Bergeron — piano, keys, bass, drums, percussion, vocals
Featured Guests — John Hanifin, Terry Parker, Richard Chase, and many more...

"The Mad, Mad World of Adam Bergeron" is a one-of-a-kind performance showcasing the original compositions of pianist/composer/multi-instrumentalist Adam Bergeron (an Orange native), spanning from classical and New-Age to rock and metal and everything in between.

The program will be presented in a variety-show format where the setting (ie. stage, balcony, audience) will change as often as the genres of the pieces. Featured guests include local legends Terry Parker and Richard Chase, along with Boston-based cellist/multi-instrumentalist John Hanifin and many of Adam's friends and colleagues over the past thirty years.

After leaving the UMass music program in 2001, Adam worked as house/stage manager for regional arts venues (including the 1794 Meetinghouse for six years), served as musical director at the Athol Congregational Church, released 13 original solo CD's, and recorded music for filmscores and radio commercials. He now makes his living playing over 400 classical piano concerts a year for the elderly.

When he's not performing or driving all over New England, his passion is creating and recording new sounds, blending the various influences he'd discovered while playing in jazz, folk, hip-hop, reggae, rock & metal bands as a multi-instrumentalist. His wide range of skills and experience keeps him searching for new combinations of styles, defying the age-old belief that "musicians should specialize in only one genre".

"The Mad, Mad World of Adam Bergeron" might just change the way you appreciate music!

Adam Bergeron on Facebook

July 16, 2017 - Sunday, 4:00pm

Erin Dubois with Andrew D’Antonio

Classical Flute & Piano
Adults: $10 | 13-17: $6 | 0-12: free
Erin Dubois, flute, and Andrew D'Antonio, piano, present a recital featuring "Sonata in D for Flute and Piano" by Sergei Prokofiev, "Le Merle Noir" by Olivier Messiaen, and "Spiegel im Spiegel" by Arvo Pärt, plus pieces by Viet Cuong (NYC) and a handful of renowned composers from New Zealand.

Erin Dubois — flute
Andrew D’Antonio — piano

Erin Dubois

Erin Dubois, a freelance flutist, teacher, and collaborative artist located in the Greater Boston Area, performs a diverse range of works including everything from Bach to George Crumb, Jazz and Celtic music. As an avid supporter of new music, she strives to work with living composers to commission new works for the flute.

Erin has performed in the past in many different settings, including performances with The Tim Janis Ensemble, a Massachusetts-based Contemporary Concert Series with pianist Andrew D'Antonio, as First Flute with the Refugee Orchestra Project, on-call flutist with the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, substitute piccolo and flute with the Lowell Philharmonic, substitute piccolo with Symphony New Hampshire, in chamber orchestras for Frostiana by Randall Thompson, and in her chamber music duo Duo-Dubois with her percussionist husband Kyle Dubois.

Erin holds an MM in Flute Performance from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst studying under Christopher Krueger and a BM in Flute Performance from the University of Southern Maine studying under Jean Rosenblum. Additionally, she has attended masterclasses at Le Domaine Forget, the Julius Baker Masterclass and the ARIA International Summer Music Academy performing in masterclasses with Alexa Still, Marya Martin, Susan Hoeppner, Mathieu Dufour, Conor Nelson, and Robert Dick.

Erin is a grew up in the North Quabbin. I asked for more background; here is her reply: "I was born and raised in Orange, MA. I attended the Orange public schools and got my start in my love of music in Music Appreciation Classes in Kindergarten with Mr. Kaplan. Like most kids from Orange at the time, I joined Mr. Bosco's concert band in 4th grade at Dexter Park and stayed with the band program all the way through my time at Mahar playing flute, piccolo, and even oboe when the band needed it. I attended local band festivals when I could, played in the Pit Orchestras at Mahar (most memorably the Wizard of Oz), and participated in the Orange Community Band through my junior year of college." And as noted above she went to college at UMass Amherst.

Andrew DAntonioAndrew D'Antonio is a Western Massachusetts-based pianist, teacher, and coach. Primarily a chamber musician, he seeks out a diverse range of repertoire, performing everything from Haydn and Janáček to Messiaen and Sciarrino. An active promoter of new music, he commissions and performs several new works each year.

Andrew has given dozens of recitals and performances throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Past highlights include recitals in New York City and Boston, SALT New Music Festival and Symposium in Victoria, BC; St. John's Summer Noontime Series in Williamstown, MA; Music at Wisteriahirst in Holyoke, MA; the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, MA; a Massachusetts-wide tour of new works for flute and piano with Erin Dubois; a recital tour of Schubert’s Winterreise with tenor Eduardo Ortiz; and the Music for Missions Concert Series at Faith United Church in Springfield, MA. Upcoming highlights include a solo recital featuring Ives’s Concord Sonata in Springfield, MA and Williamstown, MA, and chamber music performances at the 1794 Meetinghouse in New Salem, MA, and Edwards Church in Northampton, MA.

Andrew’s primary teachers on piano include Nadine Shank, Andrew Axelrod, and Amy Grinsteiner. He holds a MM in collaborative piano and music history from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a MST in early childhood special education from Fordham University, and a BM in piano performance from Pacific Lutheran University. He is a faculty member Community Music School of Springfield and Bay Path University, and the organist/coach at Faith United Church in Springfield, MA.

Erin Dubois website
Andrew D’Antonio website

July 20, 2017 - Thursday, 7:30pm

Jon McAuliffe

Eclectic Folk, Folk-Rock, Jazz, Blues
Adults: $10 / 13-17: $6 / 0-12: free
Jon McAuliffe presents a blend of gospel, folk/rock, classic R&B and rock & roll, and the occasional dip into pop, along with his superb original songs.

Jon McAuliffe — vocals, guitar

While Jon's main influences are primarily basic Americana (blues, rhythm & blues, early rock & roll, pre-plastic country music, gospel, traditional, modern and post-modern folk music, and a smattering of pop), his appreciation for jazz from the early 1920s up to and including the bebop era have had an effect in ways that aren't immediately noticed. His primary songwriting influences are common enough (Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Percy Mayfield, Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, Sr., Tampa Red and John Hiatt to name a few) and his vocal stylings reflect Ray Charles, the early Elvis Presley, Dylan, Lightfoot, Hiatt, Levon Helm, and Stephen Stills among others.

The folk revival of the 1960s introduced Jon to ethnic folk music, urban and rural blues and the singer/songwriters who rose up out of that era, inspiring him to pick up a guitar for the first time and attempt his own songwriting. One of Jon's earliest compositions was overheard by Canadian singer/songwriter Joan Anderson. She encouraged Jon by telling him, "You stick with that, young man. You've got something there." Ms. Anderson later changed her name to Joni Mitchell and her encouragement has been a primary motivator for Jon's songwriting ever since.

Jon began performing semi-professionally in 1965 at various coffee houses in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area. During his two years there, Jon performed and associated with Doug MacLeod, Emmylou Harris, John Pilla, Bryan Bowers, Jim Dawson and many other performers who influenced his tastes and performing style.

Moving to New York in 1968, Jon formed the band Thirty Days Out with lead guitarist Jack Malken and bassist Monte Melnick in 1969, one later joined by North Carolinian Phil Lowe as the band's drummer. Thirty Days Out opened for The Beach Boys, The J. Geils Band, Emmylou Harris, Tim Hardin, George Carlin, Patti Labelle, Tom Rush, Captain Beefheart, Barbara Keith, Charlie Daniels & Jerry Corbett, among others.

By 1974 Jon was living and working in the Boston area. With the help of artists like Robin Batteau, Ric Ocasek & Ben Orr of The Cars, and Andy Pratt, Jon began recording demos. His songwriting abilities caught the ear of United Artists who signed him as a staff songwriter in 1977.

Unhappy with the commercial restraints of a major publishing company, Jon formed a band called the Doubles with lead guitarist George Pratt in 1979. By 1982 the band had run its course and McAuliffe and Pratt locked themselves in various Boston area recording studios for four years where they recorded whatever suited their fancy. A CD of this work was issued in 2007 entitled "Rubber Room Rejects."

Jon's creative explosion reached a peak by 1987. Exhausted and somewhat uninspired by changes in the music industry, Jon pulled back from his efforts for 6 years to study American Music History, venturing out only occasionally to perform Gospel music. By 2007 a request to return to local stages in the Northeast resulted in greater response than he'd ever known previously, which in turn inspired a raft of new songs.

Jon released his first solo album, "In This Present Form," in late spring, 2011. Produced by multi-instrumentalist Seth Connelly, the album echoed most of his musical influences and personal beliefs and was greeted very positively, with wide support and encouragement from audiences in the Northeast. In 2012 Jon began working with another multi-instrumentalist, Jeff Root. Their collaboration has resulted in Jon's latest CD, "Old School Moderne," released in October of 2016.

Photo by Nikilette Walker

Jon McAuliffe website
Jon McAuliffe — Tear Down Every Wall, on YouTube

July 22, 2017 - Saturday, 7:30pm

The Green Sisters

Folk, Celtic, Old-Time, Bluegrass & More
Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
Hubbardston natives Beck, Bets, Brie & Mel offer up a foot-stomping ecletic mix of folk, Celtic, bluegrass, old-timey, Cajun, a cappella & barbershop music.

Betsy (Bets) Green — vocals, fiddle, banjo
Brianna (Brie) Green — vocals, bass, fiddle, guitar
Melody (Mel) Green — vocals, mandolin, guitar, bass
Rebecca (Beck) Green — vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass

Raised on a small farm in Massachusetts, the four Green Sisters have been inseparable in life and laughter since they were born, and consequently love to make music together. Featuring folk, Celtic, bluegrass, old-timey, Cajun, a cappella / barbershop and more, our audience can expect a foot-stomping Green Sister style grand ol' time! 

The Green Sisters on Facebook

July 27, 2017 - Thursday, 7:30pm

Danika & The Jeb

Acoustic Soul & Pop
Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
Nashville based duo Danika Holmes & Jeb Hart offer an intoxicating mix of soul and pop.

Danika Holmes — vocals, piano, guitar
Jeb Hart — guitar

Danika is a songwriter who was almost a doctor. Jeb's a guitar aficionado who owns and operates his own guitar instruction company. Together they form the duo Danika & The Jeb, a soulful combination of acoustic pop and blues that hits the heart with their blended talents.

Hailed as "a captivating singer in a truly soulful duo," by Emmy Award winning songwriter Trey Bruce, Holmes initially started as a solo artist, her songs playing on Sirius XM's Coffee House station and on 150 radio stations nationwide. Her belief is that a well written song can embody all emotions of the human existence and she articulates that beautifully with her slightly raspy yet gentle voice and truthful lyrics.

Hart can tell a story with six strings — "I've seen some of the best guitarists that rock, blues and country have to offer." says Entertainment reporter Jim Renke. "Jeb Hart can hold his own with any of them. His heart and passion are matched only by his technical skills." The multi-faceted Hart began playing music at the age of 9, and shortly thereafter began a 16 year career of guitar instruction, opening his own company Six Month Guitar. Performing with various bands, ranging in genres from blues to rock, country to big band, Jeb found the partner he was looking for in Danika.

Danika and Jeb are taking stages by storm, and have opened for mainstream heavyweights such as Lyle Lovett, Dierks Bentley, Phil Vassar and others.

"Danika and Jeb came through Red Clay Theatre a while back. I had watched the videos and listened in space face world, but wasn't prepared for what they gave... LIVE.... Y’all spread the word bout them, and catch 'em when you can. They'll outgrow the little places soon." — Eddie Owen of Eddie Owens Presents and formerly Eddie's Attic

"Danika Holmes isn't just easy on these eyes. She's a true American talent... I couldn't stop listening!" — Mike Wolfe, American Pickers on History

"I'm always struck by her voice and her uniqueness in phrasing and especially tone. She's a captivating singer in a truly soulful duo." — Trey Bruce, Emmy Award Winning Songwriter

"Danika Holmes puts her heart and soul into every performance. Her smile draws you in, her music keeps you there." — Madalyn Sklar, GoGirls Music

"I’ve seen some of the best guitarists that rock, blues and country have to offer. Jeb Hart can hold his own with any of them. His heart and passion are matched only by his technical skills." — Jim Renke, Entertainment Reporter

Danika & The Jeb website
Danika & The Jeb — Rainy Day Lovin' on YouTube
Danika & The Jeb — Bluebird on YouTube

July 29, 2017 - Saturday, 7:30pm

Jeff Snow

Celtic Songs, Stories & History
Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
The Softer Side of Celtic combines the music, stories, and history from Scotland, Ireland and England into a program that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Jeff Snow — voice, guitar, autoharp, bouzouki

There will be singing, laughing, clapping and even a bit of foot stomping. Participation by the audience is encouraged. Jeff Snow is a skilled instrumentalist and a highly recognized guitar player who was featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine. He also plays the autoharp, bouzouki, and a variety of other instruments.

Growing up as the son of a drummer in a Bagpipe band and in a home where older Celtic songs were the everyday sounds, Jeff developed a love for the music of Scotland, England and Ireland. The magical sounds from the instruments coupled with vocals and Jeff's love and knowledge of his Scottish heritage create a delightful program of traditional and original tunes and songs.

Much of the history of Scotland, England and Ireland is preserved in song. Hearing those stories along with the songs educate as well as entertain. There is no better example of this than the Ballad of Kilkelly Ireland. In 1855 John Hunt left his family's home in Kilkelly Ireland and came to the United States. When he left Ireland, John Hunt was 13 years old. He settled in Maryland, found a job, got married and had children. He never returned to Ireland and never saw his family again. Without cell phones and the internet, communication was by the annual family letter. In the 1970's these letters were discovered by songwriter Peter Jones. He wrote the ballad that tells the story of the Hunt family.

Jeff Snow website
Jeff Snow — Kilkelly Ireland on YouTube
Jeff Snow — Wild Mountain Thyme on YouTube

August 5, 2017 - Saturday, 7:30pm

Lonesome Brothers

Country, Folk & Rock
Adults: $15 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
Original, creative, pumping, swaying, digging, rocking, blues busting, curve making, straight shooting songs and solos distinguish the Lonesome Brothers from any other band you've ever heard.

Jim Armenti — guitar, vocals
Keith Levreault — drums
Ray Mason — bass, vocals

The Lonesome Brothers have performed together for more than thirty years and are well-known throughout the Valley and beyond. Featuring Jim Armenti on guitar and vocals, Ray Mason on bass and vocals, and Keith Levreault on drums, they combine the best elements of American music with well-crafted songs and poetic lyrics.

Jim Armenti's songwriting talents have earned him great respect in the music industry. His unique, expert guitar and multi-instrument playing have mesmerized audiences for years and kept him in demand as a guitarist for other performers including Cry, Cry, Cry, Mark Erelli, Robin Lane, The Kennedys and Bill Kirchen. He especially enjoys playing for audiences as half of the song-writing, guitar-slinging Lonesome Brothers.

Ray Mason and his road-worn 1965 Silvertone guitar have been tirelessly touring since 1982. Starting his first band in 1966 and averaging over 100 shows a year, he's like a teenager with fifty years of experience. Throughout the years he has opened shows for NRBQ, The Band, Marshall Crenshaw, Bill Morrissey, Warren Zevon, Joan Osborne, Geoff Muldaur, Joan Jett, James McMurtry and more.

Drummer Keith Levreault has a BA in music from Westfield State College, and he also studied privately with Alan Dawson. He has more than fifteen years of experience, and he has played and recorded with many artists. He also teaches at Downtown Sounds in Northampton.

The Lonesome Brothers have garnered a reputation for being one of the best live bands in New England. The storytelling and bantering shared by Jim and Ray on stage amuses and enraptures. The trademark switching back and forth of songs authored by Jim or Ray invokes a sense of fun, predictability and unpredictability. Their solid partnership is evident by the quality of the songwriting, the tight instrumentals and the respect shown to one another on stage, so boogie on over and enjoy the show.

"Equal parts country swagger, wistful folk and breezy rock. The Lonesome Brothers' confluence of different musical genres is the key to the band's success. Although some people would be quick to lump the Lonesome Brothers into the alternative country milieu, the band has more dimensions than that." - Alex Green, Yahoo! Music

Photo by Brandi Ediss

Lonesome Brothers website
Lonesome Brothers on ReverbNation
Lonesome Brothers on YouTube

August 12, 2017 - Saturday, 7:30pm

Anthony Kaczynski Rock Tri-fecta

Anthony Kaczynski, The Gated Community, Trusty Sidekick & Fireking
Adults: $20 | 13-17: $10 | 0-12: free
Closing Night Reception at 6:45pm
The 1794 Meetinghouse presents a Rock Extravaganza with Anthony Kaczynski, The Gated Community, Trusty Sidekick and Fireking for our season closer; come and dance in the aisles! Please note the new and expanded lineup! Click on "More Info" to see more!

Sumanth Gopinath & Beth Hartman of The Gated Community are now joining us for an extra set!

Anthony Kaczynski — vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
with guest Rik Rolski — guitar

Sumanth Gopinath — vocals, guitars
Beth Hartman — vocals, percussion
Anthony Kaczynski — bass guitar

Tim Carey — vocals, faded acoustic
Christopher Foley — drums
Anthony Kaczynski — guitar
Kevin Condon — guitar
John Mulrooney — lap steel
Trick Wallace — bass

Anthony Kaczynski — vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards
Jonathan Screnci — drums, percussion
John Sheeran &mdash bass guitar

Anthony Kaczynski is a singer-songwriter-guitarist/multi-instrumentalist. Currently leading the rock band Fireking, Kaczynski has spent much of 2016 and 2017 touring the US and Europe as a member of The Magnetic Fields in support of their “50 Song Memoir” album. He also currently sings in the band Gymnasium, plays guitar for Trusty Sidekick (and produced their 2013 album "The Friends of Trusty Sidekick"), performs solo acoustic shows when the spirit moves him, and is generally in demand as a guitarist and sideman throughout the Boston music scene.

Originally from Detroit, Kaczynski was a founding member of 1980s synth-poppers Figures on a Beach as their vocalist, keyboardist and principal lyricist. FOAB released two albums on Sire Records, as well as three well-received indie EPs.

During 2013 Kaczynski also toured with his bandmate Chris Ewen from Figures on a Beach as part of the touring band for Future Bible Heroes, a Stephin Merritt-related project.

Fireking is a three-piece rock and roll band based in Boston, with roots in Detroit. Founding member Anthony Kaczynski (vocals/guitars), ex-Figures on a Beach, is joined by John Sheeran on bass guitar and Jonathan Screnci on drums. Fireking released their second album, "Double Trouble," in 2015, featuring 22 songs of pure unadulterated rock.

Fireking website
Fireking on Bandcamp
Trusty Sidekick on Bandcamp